Every year in Canada, there are a few hundred lift truck mishaps which are reported. Although operator training is definitely the most essential part of avoiding workplace mishaps, it is not enough to lessen the number of incidences. Clearly, the best method to avoiding forklift mishaps is having the organization and company involved, in addition to combining the efforts of every person in the facility.

Toyota has applied the System of Active Stability or SAS, that is technology derived from the automotive technology. The SAS is capable of electrically monitoring and controlling forklift operations. This specific system is important for helping decrease the possibility of mishaps from occurring. When the SAS system detects any type of instability, its advanced sensors signal simultaneously and engage the correct controller. The Active Control Rear Stabilizer and the Active Mast Function Controller help to avoid injuries or accidents happening by adding stability.

Toyota's SAS system is a patented technology which is able to sense numerous things which may result in potential lateral instability. If and when those conditions are detected, the SAS immediately locks a hydraulic cylinder on the rear steer axle. If this specific situation occurs, the forklift's stability footprint changes to a rectangular in shape from a triangular in shape, resulting in an increase in stability. The outcome is an immediate stability and greatly lessens the likelihood of a lateral overturn from happening.

When the equipment detects instability happening, the SAS engages immediately. After that, the rear axle becomes stabilized when the Swing Lock Cylinder is engaged. This creates the lateral stability the machine needs to help reduce the risk of lateral tip-overs from happening.

Similar to the active rear stabilizer control, the active mast function controller utilizes the same technologies. Its function is to sense the numerous factors which can result in a potential longitudinal instability. Whenever the SAS controller detects possible longitudinal instability from occurring, 2 systems become engaged to help reduce the chances of forward and rearward tip-over situations from occurring: the forward tilt angle control and the rear tilt speed control.

The machines forward tilt angle control can detect the mast height and load weight, the will override the operator's manual control automatically. It would also limit the forward tilt that would lessen the chances of forward tipping or spilling. These safety mechanisms are in place to help the operator be safe.

Utilizing the same mast height sensors and load sensors, the rear tilt speed control is designed to govern the mast's reverse tilt speed to half. This really reduces the possibilities of having the forklift tilt backwards or spilling unsecured loads.

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